Diamond Dust!

Discussion about the Generation IV Pokémon games - Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.
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Diamond Dust!

Post by thotsi » Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:15 am

I was in the middle of replaying this game and I happened to reach Snowpoint City on this date. There didn't seem to be a high quality video of this occasion so I thought, why not upload it.
Diamond Dust occurs in the Generation 4 and later games games on either Mt. Silver for HeartGold and SoulSilver, or Snowpoint City in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, as well as Iccirus City, Frost Cavern and Mount Lanakila for generations 5, 6 and 7 respectively. These specific dates mark occasions either related to holidays, or even to celebrate the birthday of someone who worked on the game, or other special occasions that Game Freak felt worth marking. These dates are:

January 12th - Junichi Masuda's birthday (D/P/Pt only)
February 27th - Initial Japanese release date of Pokémon Red and Green (and my birthday!) (Platinum only)
February 29th - Leap day (All gen. 4 games)
March 15th - Hōnen Matsuri (Japanese holiday) (All gen. 4 games)
March 31st - 'Mew' trademark granted (D/P/Pt only)
April 22nd - North American Diamond and Pearl release date (D/P/Pt only)
May 1st - North American Pokémon Emerald release date (D/P only)
September 2nd - V-J Day (D/P/Pt only)
September 20th - Sarah Natochenny's birthday (Ash's North American voice actress) (D/P/Pt only)
October 10th - Unknown occasion (HGSS only)
October 30th - North American release date of Pokémon Ranger (D/P/Pt only)
Deceber 31st - New Year's Eve (HGSS, BW and BW2 only)
Player's Birthday (as determined by DS user settings) (XY and SM only)
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