Hello mooners (thinking of a better name, uh)

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Hello mooners (thinking of a better name, uh)

Post by thotsi » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:09 pm

Hello everyone, it is your webmaster here! Thought I'd do the honours of making the first welcome post.

I made this forum because I felt like installing phpbb onto my web server to tinker with and learn more about web development. I ended up having too much fun for what was initially just a 'meme' and ended up taking it at least a little seriously!

You can think of this forum as 'pokecommunity but with shitposting', so have a good sense of humour coming in!

I especially love Gen IV and V wifi battles - creating this place brought back a lot of memories of going on forums and looking for battles. I wanted to bring that feeling back since I felt like a site where people can look for friends in those games was kind of lacking! Guides on how to set that up are to be coming soon, since official WFC is down, other methods to connect are necessary.
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